Everydays Project.

Week 3. 3D Art : T.Rex – Day 1   Started Following a tutorial of a T.Rex. This took around 5 hours 3D Art : T.Rex – Day 2 Finished the T.Rex , this took 3 Hours 3D Art : Knife – Day 3 Started doing the medieval Knife, this took 3 hours 3D Art […]

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World Builder’s Post -Mortem

What Went Wrong ? Everything in a good port mortem starts with what went wrong. It’s what people who read these blog posts always look forward to, so I’m going to start with that. Communication. Well, I’m not going to say that my communication was top notch. ¬†would say that the only person who refuses […]

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Specialisation Research Blog

Sculpting: Where am I at ? I haven’t really ever been working on my sculpting skills ever since trimester 3 ended, before that i was working on multiple sculpts a day and have produced results. After that I simply just let go and focused on other things such as environmental design, character modelling and animation. […]

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Cross-Discipline Post-Mort em

What Did I Do ? For Cross Discipline, I partook in 2 different Games project in order to assume more assets and learning experience. The first project was called “Gone Crab”. Gone Crab is the premier hermit crab simulator of 2017. When you are a hermit crab, your shell is your home, your home is […]

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